broadway view


Guys! I promised I would let you know how my last show went, and I’m keeping my word! It was an ultimate success! Seriously bomb. First of all, I had the time of my life being in New York City. I had never been there before and I seriously was blown away with this city. So much to do and see. The nights never end there. The streets are just as much alive at 2 in the morning as they are at 6 or 10 pm. Now I know why it’s called the city that never sleeps. And I never really slept, if we’re going to be honest here. I partied pretty hard. Lots of coffee helped on my work days though. And guys, this was like a 4 month job…so it’s been really hard adjusting back to my normal life. Bah. But let me tell you about the show!

So I decided to go with both of those lights I talked about last time, instead of just one of them. I did an every-other sort of pattern. And the stage seriously looked fabulous with them. Lots of compliments on my work, guys! Ahh! I am so thrilled. I’m definitely going to keep doing business with the place I bought the lights because they helped me earn a big-time bonus. My boss said she was really pleased with the way I’ve been designing our last several stage sets, and so she gave me a whopping bonus.

Dangerous Set-33


Man, life is good. I can’t get over it. I need to get back to the city, though. Already I’m growing antsy just designing sets in my regular studio. I miss a lot of the stage crew of that Duck, Duck, Goose show too. They’re the main ones I would go out with at night. They’re the ones who would give me tours of the big city. We’re keeping in touch, though. I think we’re gonna make another little trip to NYC soon.

Stayed tuned.

Another Show, Another Light

I have another show coming up that will be on Broadway this time! I’m really excited and its going to be a big project. The theme of this show is going to be about geese, weird enough, but It will be awesome. The title is Duck Duck Goose and i’ts going to be a musical. I’m in charge of the design and props and I have my hands full with this one, because it’s such a particular niche that I’m going to have to be creative on how the design should be. The setting of the background is going to be a barn and the show will primarily take place in the barn.

As of last post you know I was inspired by those cool lights I stumbled upon while I was jogging. I can’t tell you how many compliments I received  due to those lights. I’m sure people are going to want to see what lights I will use for this show. I called the same people that made that whirlwind barnlight and told them about my project and asked if they had any idea of what I could use and I told them I needed a lot of them because it is such a big stage. Before I could even finish my sentence the lady told me that have gooseneck barn lights for sale and that they would fit perfect with what I was trying to do. I thought to myself I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! The look of those gooseneck barnlights would definitely compliment the whole theme of the show. Here’s a picture of them below!

gooseneck barnlightgooseneck barnlights


I’m still not sure on which one of these gooseneck light fixtures I’m going to go with but what I do know for sure that which ever one I go with will be a success.

Thanks for reading in everybody and I will get back to you soon and let you know how the show went


Today’s Ramblings: Inspiration in a Light

I always go for a morning jog. I’ve been doing this since I was in college, and it’s my way of starting my day on a positive note. There’s something special about jogging. I don’t know what it is, but I know that if I go for a jog in the morning, then this means I’m going to have a pretty good day. I almost feel like it’s a spiritual thing. On my jogs, I feel a connection to the universe that I don’t usually feel when I’m going through the movements of living. Jogging to me is almost as awesome as my magic. It clears my mind, and it’s a great way for me to mentally prepare myself for what I have to do today. I am in a sense addicted to this exercise because I feel that it allows me to exercise the negative forces in my life. If I ever have a problem or something that needs to be thought through, I go for a jog and the solution just comes to me. It appears in my brain as if it were a gift from the universe.

This doesn’t happen every single time of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be human. But the other day, I went for my regular morning jog at 5am, and I was thinking about what sort of background I could use for my upcoming show in NYC. I usually don’t like to spend too much time thinking about what the stage will look like, but I do like to place a few stand-out pieces that will give the stage some ambiance and style. So like I was saying, I was jogging, and then I saw some really unusual light fixtures. They were like ventilators, but they were a barn light. So that’s the inspiration behind my next show. It’s going to be very industrial/urban, and street-like barn lights. The cool thing about it, is that I was also able to buy these barn light fixtures online, so I should be getting these in a couple weeks. I think the lights are gonna be pretty sweet! I’m stoked!

barn light